what is WL?

Wave Locator is the Mobile App that suggests you where to go surf nearby you, during the next hours, considering your surfing skills.
No more forecasts to interpret! Just launch WL and go surf!

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Wave Locator (WL) IS NOT another surf forecast App!
WL combines weather forcasts and local surfers experience to give you the best waves conditions around you, in real time and tailored on your surf abilities (beginner, intermediate, andvanced or even custom if you want to set up a wave especially for your taste).

Rationale: Every wave, especially mechanical ones like reef breaks, has specific settings, such as a tide range, min/max swell height and good swell/wind directions, where the wave will most likely work well.
Wave Locator analyses all wave peaks in its database with near real-time (next hours) forecasts and using your device’s location, notifies you about the best matches (waves with best conditions) nearby.
The app also has a ‘tracking mode’ that, once enabled, will keep searching while you move and notify you when it finds new waves with good conditions within a range of few km from you.

If you log in using your Facebook account, you can even add new waves to the app or customise the one already existing, if you feel the standard settings are not fitting your taste!

WL is free for use and have no Ads.
WL is still in beta release and waves info are about Bali only, for now.
We need your support and feedback to make it the best surf prediction app out there!

Try it and tell us what you think!
Thank you

WL Team and Developers